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We have reached the end of Fundraising

Well, this is it.  After ten quick, exhausting weeks of enthusiastic pavement-pounding, we can finally take a collective breath, pat each other on the back, and congratulate one another for a job well done.  


You all did a truly amazing job in spreading the cause of the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society, and inspiring your communities to join us in the search for a cure to cancer.  Today, alone, saw an unbelievable flurry of donations roll in, bringing us ever closer to our goal of raising $50,000 and funding a research grant.  The LLS is currently calculating all our various avenues of donations, and will have a final total for us this weekend.  I have never been so proud to be associated with any group of people in the way I'm proud to be associated with all you wonderful RTK-ers.  


As you may have heard, Kina is nominated for the LLS Woman of the Yea in Greater LA.  This weekend, many of the candidates are meeting and being honored for their efforts.  Though Kina will not be there, the LLS is using the opportunity to recognize the contribution of Run Team Kina, and announce our final total.  I think they'll have good news for us. ;)



-Coach Abel

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