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Fundraising Challenge #4

Congratulations to Harie Pyo for winning last week's fundraising challenge.  Also, congratulations to everyone participating in RTK, as our accumulative logged miles have now topped 30,000!  Wow, way to go.

Now let's get on to this week's challenge:


Whoever raises the most through their RTK webpage* between TODAY and THURSDAY (Apr 19th) will win this one-of-a-kind SIGNED PROP FROM KINA'S "VALENTINE" VIDEO!

The runner-up will also win a prize... Season 2 DVDs of COMMUNITY, signed by Dr. Ken Jeong (aka Chang)!

Dr. Jeong heard about all the great work y'all are all doing with RTK, and was very happy to throw his support behind our cause. 



*You can set up a fundraising page HERE. Only donations collected through the personal webpages are counted towards the fundraising challenges, as they are the only donations we can track immediately.  No donations collected before today (Fri 13th) count towards this particular challenge.  And remember: the prizes don't go to the top donors, but to the top fundraisers, so everyone has an equal shot at winning this one.  Please remember to THANK YOUR DONORS!  They really appreciate that. 

Good luck!  I'll meet you back here in one week with winners and our final fundraising challenge!


Coach Abel


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