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Coach's Motivational Quotes #2

"Now bid me run,

And I will strive with things impossible."

-from William Shakespeare's Julius Caesar

Within the context of the story, its almost a forgettable line, but when it stands on its own like this, I find it be both arresting and inspirational.  I like to write this quote on the soles of my running shoes before a big race.  Its just part of my routine to stay positive and focused (and, yes, it does make the shoes go faster!).


Right now, Kina and her crew are footing their way across Europe, and using their training runs as a fun way to familiarize themselves with all those amazing, ancient cities.  What a great way to experience a new place, right??  I heard they ran through a 39-degree Dublin this week.  Awesome.


Since the launch of RTK, the team's covered an accumulative 8647 miles!  That's the distance between Richmond, Virginia and Manila, Philippines, or over 1/3rd of Earth's circumference.  How many times do you think we will have looped the earth by the end of May?


You've all been making some excellent progress, and its so awesome to hear about your goals and plans for the future.  Keep up the good work, and keep up being outstanding.



Coach Abel

A little shoe-love for our RTK-ers!  Your effort and enthusiasm inspire those around you.  Great work, athletes!


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