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Be The Match!

Today's post is from guest blogger Athena Asklipiadis of Mixed Marrow:
Every year, thousands of people are diagnosed with blood diseases like Leukemia and Lymphoma.  For some, the only cure is a bone marrow transplant.  Unfortunately, the odds are against them as 70% of those in need of a transplant cannot find a match within their families and must rely on the national registry for a chance at survival.  Matching is difficult since it relies on inherited genetics.  Even between siblings, the chance of matching is about 25%.  
See Kina's video in response to patient Janet Liang's plea for donors to register:
With incredible odds of matching, most patients have to depend on a complete stranger to save their life.  This is where YOU can make a difference.   By registering as a donor, you can possibly be that hero to someone.  RIght now, the registry looks to improve its diversity of donors, as minorities and mixed race donors are under-represented, leaving these patients with more difficult odds.  Kina, who is mixed race herself, recognizes this disparity and hopes you will help to diversify and grow the public registry, giving just a little more hope to patients and families all over the world.   
By registering as a donor, you can be saving the life of someone's loved one.  Most of us have been impacted by diseases like cancer, and I am sure if there was a cure, everyone would race out to get it.  Well, the beauty is that, for many, the cure is YOU.   You can be that hero when there is no hope, so please join today!  
If you are in generally good health and between 18-60 years old, please email us at donate@mixedmarrow.org for instructions on how to donate for free!  Mixed Marrow is an outreach through A3M and Be The Match, the national US registry.  If you have questions or concerns about donation, or if you would like to know how to register outside of the US, visit us at www.mixedmarrow.org.  If you have any other inquiries, we can be reached at info@mixedmarrow.org
Thanks so much RTK!
Athena Asklipiadis
Mixed Marrow

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