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A Message From Jon


Hello Run Team Kina….


Let me start with a quick introduction for the very many of you who have no idea who I am and why I’ve been given the massive privilege of writing for this site.  My name is Jonathan Kalter (@jkthreethousand).  I’m a Scorpio.  I’m from New Jersey.  I drink too much coffee.  Also, I hate running.  I also hate asking for favors…especially when those favors involve money. 


Oh, and I’m Kina’s manager.


Also, about 7 years ago, my grandfather – Irwin E Kalter – lost an almost decade-long battle with Multiple Myeloma, a cancer that attacks the plasma cells in bone marrow. 


So suddenly I’m faced with the following:  I am active, but I am not a runner.  And I have earned the right to ask a favor from a friend or family member, but I have never been someone comfortable asking for someone else to give me money.  And yet I manage an artist who, beyond being insanely talented, has initiated a two-pronged campaign both encouraging a healthy and active lifestyle and raising money for The Leukemia & Lymphoma society, an incredible organization that helps those diagnosed with cancers like the one that took my grandfather and the one that Kina’s mom was diagnosed with. 


Also, I occasionally favor run-on sentences.


Brevity is for the easily-distracted. 


And twitter.


Anyway, I don’t love running and I still don’t love asking for money, but I loved my grandfather.  And I love my father who I watched agonize over his father’s sickness, whether from a lack of understanding or worry or from having to watch a man with a treatment-induced (literally) broken back struggle in and out of a car almost weekly to try any and every medication/treatment that anyone would recommend.  There wasn’t and isn’t a cure for Multiple Myeloma but there can be.  And I hate cancer and I hate seeing my friends and family suffer and there isn’t a person alive who can’t empathize with me.  And I can do something.   So I will.


I’m going to run a half-marathon for Run Team Kina.  I’m going to take the red RTK tank top I bought and write my grandfathers’ names on the back (my mother’s father – Harry Kingsley – died from lung cancer – he was a non-smoker).  And I’m not going to half-ass it.  I’m going to run it well.  I’m going to continue training (Kina and I ran 8.2 miles throughout Sydney last Sunday) and come June I am going to finish my first-ever organized race.


I’m also fundraising.  It wasn’t something I was especially comfortable with, but I made it very simple and straightforward.  I wrote a letter to my friends and family and explained what I was doing and why it was important to me.  I didn’t order them to help or try to sell them on my motives.  I just wrote an email – which I’ve shared below – before pointing them to my fundraising page for donations and the RTK site for more information.  I did a little following up here and there, but overall, it took little more than a humble request communicated through a personal note. 


I’m going to keep raising money for Run Team Kina.  I set a goal at the start and I’ve since surpassed it by about 50%.  And although I thought it would be incredibly uncomfortable, I’m not ashamed to have asked and I don’t feel guilty for having let someone invest their money in me.  In Kina.  On behalf of the millions of people who’ve been taken by cancer.  For a great cause.  An important cause.  A necessary cause.   And I will ask again. 


So that’s my story (after deleting 7 or 8 more paragraphs of run-ons and ill-placed jokes).   I wanted to share this story because I think that it’s important for you to know that this may very well be a campaign based around Kina Grannis and The Leukemia & Lymphoma society, but it is simultaneously so much more.  It’s about me.  It’s about my family and my friends.  And it’s about you and your friends and your loved ones. 



Do something. 

We’re here to help you.

We’re proud of you.

Be proud of you.








From: Jonathan Kalter

To: (Undisclosed Recipients)



dear friend and/or family member,


for the last three months i've been training for a half-marathon as a part of RUN TEAM KINA.  to date, i've run more than 150 miles (not consecutively) and on june 3rd, i will be running 13.1 more miles on behalf of kina grannis, kina's mother trish, THE LEUKEMIA & LYMPHOMA SOCIETY and my grandfathers IRWIN KALTER and HARRY KINGSLEY, both having passed away from cancers, the former from multiple myeloma (a rare blood cancer that affects the plasma inside bone marrow).  


through run team kina, our goal is to raise money for the wonderful people of the leukemia & lymphoma society, who do amazing work with cancer research as well as patient services, education and community services.  we have also engaged kina's fans in this campaign by allowing them to train alongside us, encouraging exercise and nutrition.  to date we've had more than 450 participants around the world running more, eating better and encouraging each other to be healthier individuals who take care of themselves.  


admittedly, this email is, in short - in my famously long-winded shortness - a request for a donation.  still, it is also an invitation to support me while i support a worthwhile cause with people i very much care for and on behalf of two men i have loved and respected and admired.  there is no minimum donation and, frankly, if you don't want to donate and simply want to share the message, that would still be very much appreciated. 


you can learn more about my campaign for RUN TEAM KINA and donate here:


you can learn more about RUN TEAM KINA here: 


thank you!



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